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Nathaniel Halhed's grammar book.

Nathaniel Halhed’s grammar book.

Facsimile is an independent research center that works on early print and society in colonial India. Print started in Calcutta with the emergence of the East India company in the last two decades of the 18th century.

We are a group of researchers who are passionate about evolving new conceptual methodologies and intellectual spaces in the realm of print culture in India.

Facsimile works in collaboration with an independent publishing house; Lies and Big Feet. (www.liesandbigfeet.wordpress.com)

Our work:                                                                                                                               

Readers, Writers and Print.

  • To arrive at theoretical models on print in the  colonial context.
  • How did Indians read? Was it an epistemic shift?
  • How did the process of transmission take place?


  • Archival work.
  • Documenting the nature of the early printing presses.
  • Encourage research and to publish the results of the scholarship.
  • To maintain a website which will be a resource tool.

To learn more about the emergence of early print, visit: http://www.earlycolonialprint.org.


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